Book of abstracts. All contributions 33rd ICSTCF



Attention! Deadline for contributions are extended to October 10th

The conference consists on lectures, series of short talks and posters to be selected from the attendees. In view of the circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic, The International Conference on Science and Technology of Complex Fluids (ICSTCF) to be held from October 25 to 28, 2021 at Universidad de Guanajuato, Sede Forum, Leon, Guanajuato Mexico, will be held this occasion under the modality of "online" by the platform zoom. Posters will be presented by Twitter and an extended memories document will be send to all attendees a week after the conference. All contributors are expected to present their work in such memories and thus reception of the extended document is required for registration.


Scope of the Conference

The topics covered by the International Conference on Science and Technology of Complex Fluids (ICSTCF) include: self assembled supramolecular structures, polymers, colloids, interfacial phenomena, active matter, glasses and gels, biophysics, among others topics also related with Soft Matter Physics either using experimental, theoretical or simulation methodologies.

The ICSTCF has a very important tradition in México, and has been organized with the main idea of gathering scientist interested in topics related to soft condensed matter. This conference is also intented to encourage the participation of young undergrad and graduate students.

The scientific focus of the conference is on timely and relevant topics of the science and technology of complex fluids. Particular emphasis will be given to novel methods and tools of experimental research, numerical simulation, and theory in complex fluids and soft matter research fields. The aim of the conference is to stimulate collaborations among members of the international scientific and technological community and industry.

Official language for the 33rd ICSTCF is English!

A book of abstracts containing all contributions will be edited by the organizing committee. For this purpose, a short abstract will be required to all participants.